Sometimes I stop to wonder how I am able to balance transitioning with mental illness with poverty with school with being a musician with being a competitive gamer with supporting my fiancé and my cat with giving sanctuary to homeless youth for free

But then I remember that I’m a magical girl and it doesn’t seem so strange anymore


Money can buy


  • Independence and safety (not having to rely on abusive ppl, getting to control how you spend your time and money)
  • Experiences (travel, events, vacations, entertainment)
  • Health (medical care duh, good food, good location, reduced stress)
  • Opportunity (car, being able to move, having a safety net, “looking professional”)
  • Confidence (clothes that make you look good, things that make you feel good)

iunno that seems a lot like happiness

Money can absolutely buy happiness, if these are things you’ve spent most of your life without. The saying only applies to privileged white folk.